memento mori

by Not Beneath

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Marco Leal
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Marco Leal Oh my goodness! I can't even begin to describe how good this is! Sweet Christian Metal along the lines of early Becoming the Archetype and Hands. You need to get this! NOW!!! Favorite track: The Wisdom of Joseph.
Daniel Terry
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Daniel Terry Dynamic and amazingly heartfelt. There is a strong passion in these songs that that takes you on a roller coaster of different emotions. Tight playing and complex song structures help me find something new every time I listen.
Adolph1981 thumbnail
Adolph1981 We need more Christian metalcore like Not Beneath! Unique vocals, very tight musically, awesome lyrics. Hopefully more music to come! (And physical copies?????) Favorite track: Eben-Ezer.
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Painfully written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by NOT BENEATH between 2007 and 2017.

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Special thanks to our families for allowing us the time to accomplish this, Brian Twigg (Atomic Collapse / Foster, You're Dead / Carry The Torch), Guy Gray, Travis Turner with "As The Story Grows", Circle Back (, Євген Мозок.

- "By Blood By Faith" is dedicated to Guy Gray (RIP - 4/18/2016)

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released January 16, 2018

Artwork by Gary Kane at
Written, Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by NOT BENEATH at Deer Head Family Productions (DHFP).
Music / Lyrics / Recording © 2017 - NOT BENEATH - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Logo and Name are ™ 2017 - NOT BENEATH - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


all rights reserved



Not Beneath Cleveland, Ohio

Metal from Northeast Ohio, featuring former members of Narcissus, Outcry (OH), North Meadow Park, and Vessel (OH).

- Josh King
- Dan Pelletier

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Track Name: Eben-Ezer
In the beginning, we had it all.
The fervor of youth, the fire beneath.
The feeling it would last forever.
But the grass withered without Water,
To our heart's discontent.

We felt burned under the Son and watched the bridge smolder.
The strength of the storm overtook our faith.

Our story lends itself to revision.
Time has already stolen so much.
But we cannot change all these memories

Our story lends itself to be revisited.
From what the moths have stolen.
But time cannot steal what happened.

Where we all came from.
Monuments that I will never tear down.
Markers in our days to remember truth and embrace the future.

Through our past.

Hurting for what has been lost.
Yearning for that which is to come.
Do not be so quick to forget.
That we were all in this…
We all went through this, together...

Growing anguish. Growing emptiness.
Voids untamed - that deepen our sorrow.
I won’t forget.

What was accomplished in and with us.
Things dismissed as coincidence.
Becoming numb to our experience.
I can’t forget. These times.
Track Name: Worm
For I am a worm; not a man. A rotting carcass given new breath, given new life.
Taken from the soil which we were made, thistles and thorns.
Cursed to toil, till dust returned.

I remember when I lost it all;
when You stripped me of all my possessions,
Dragging me through the mire, (and) letting me, eat as the pigs.
When I returned from the ground, I trusted You as my forefathers did.
And I was not disappointed.
My cup still overfloweth.

I had my way (and) indulged in things that I must still eat.
But still, I remember You.
You are ingrained in my heart.

Can I fool You by deceiving myself?
Will I have given everything when it’s the end?
Will I regret in my life? Will I regret in my death?
Continue my existence. Open my eyes.

In a sea of misinterpretation, am I in Your Truth? My spirit is hopeful.
Your voice thunders marvelously, doing great things I cannot grasp.

Can I fool You by deceiving myself?
Will I have given everything when it’s the end?
Will I regret my life in my death?
Open my eyes.

All my heart, mind, and spirit.
To You.

Do not let me stay in the darkest grave, where you do not dwell.
Though I remember you, and am not disappointed, I am still a worm, I am not a man.

(Psalm 6)
(Psalm 22)
(Psalm 26)
Track Name: The Wisdom of Joseph
When I was a young, I did not seek your wisdom.
I allowed great evil to overcome me.

A trap was set for me.
Instead of fleeing, I stayed and the tide swept me away.
It desired me. I desired it.
Sin became my master.

Run away, Run away, Run away.
To the victory.
To run is bravery.
Fight temptation and
Don’t give yourself to regret.

The honey drips with deception. Temptation seeks to master you.

Choose Escape.

...Fight seduction and
Run away, Run away, Run away.
To run is victory.
To run takes courage so…
To run shows trust so I…
Don’t give yourself to...

Now I am older, (and) I seek your wisdom.
I allow You to overcome the evil in me.

A trap was set for me.
But now I flee, so the tide can’t pull me in.
It still desires me, and in my weakness,
I let Messiah be my master.

Fleeing is fighting. The true enemy.
Turn to the savior. Because evil Seeks to devour the Christ in me.

Adhere to these words. Close to your heart.
Adhere, generations, true love’s instruction.

And gain wisdom. Gain your vision. Gain direction. Gain assurance.
Gain what was lost. Gain your future. Gain your whole life back.

The deception. Leads down to death, giving years away,
Temptation comes to comfort you, a false embrace.
Seeks to keep you and hold you down, the heavy weight.
The honey drips but in the end, the bitter taste.

(Proverbs 5)
Track Name: Infanticide
The spirit of the time is to enthrone thyself.
When we killed Him, we also took His Crown.
Me. Surround, watch and enthrone me.
Sacrifice to the god of convenience.

The quest for power
Leaving nature
in its wake.

The hunger for parity
for its own sake.
Vindicate my contradiction.
And validate my selfishness.

Dethrone you, and..
Enthrone me. Enthrone my fallacy.

Killing for convenience.
Contradiction for control.
Behold our bodies, the graveyard.
My human right to destroy humanity.

(next part over the lead)
Control the narrative.
Oppress the dissenter,
Destroy the sacred.

How shall - we comfort ourselves?
The murderers, of murderers.
Who will wipe this blood?
What water is - there for us to - clean ourselves?
We foam at the mouth
To kill all that’s sacred,
While we master our fate, and captain our soul,
We destroy our humanity.

In the process, we devalue, we sear our hearts, we kill ourselves.

(Psalm 106)
(Ezekiel 16)
(Jeremiah 19)
Track Name: Dichotomy
Remember that you have to die.

How can I comprehend that I am spirit and dust?

That one day, my Thief shall take me.

That I will be grabbed and cut down.
My halves will split.

Will I care when I arrive at my destination?
Will you have the peace of knowing where I am?
My objective.

How can I comprehend that I am spirit and dust?

There I will be stolen.
My heart stripped of its body.
In a blink, I will fall asleep, and will rest from my labor.

My flesh will stay in the land of the dead.
My spirit pulled into the heavens.

For You have freed my soul from death,
my eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.

On earth I will be a memory, but I will enter the land of the living.

Remember that you have to die. Remember…

(Hebrews 9)
(Psalm 56)
Track Name: By Blood, By Faith
For this reason, I… For this reason, I...
bow my knees - to the King - from whom all - families - are given names.


Beckoning the sons and daughters from afar…
to be rooted in righteousness.

I see Your handy work in my life and it speaks to my heart
It strengthens me in totality, so I bow my knee.

In burial, there is no bitterness.
Emerged Enthroned. We are forever changed.

To pay for the wrongs, impaled upon the cross.
No deception, only the confidence for redemption.

Monarch. Majesty. My King.

With clarity of vision, and peace.
Beckoning the sons and daughters to be rooted in You.

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one.
Not of my own might, but by the Spirit I live and see.
And it strengthens me.

Stronger. The tie that binds.
Enduring. Your faithfulness.
Exchange. For You.
Supplication. Surrender All.
Increase. I bow my knee.

Once dead to God, I am alive. Living.
Breath of Life, The Spirit giveth water.
He gives light and gives peace for our darkness.

Deify. Edify. Magnify. Glorify!
The payment for atonement and bought with flesh.
Justified forever…

(Isaiah 43)
(Romans 6)
(John 19)
Track Name: By Faith, By Sight
I think I see you while driving down a bumpy road.
When I look into your eyes, I can see your heart.
And I thank You, for everything.
Will you keep us close to You?
I can’t forget.
Track Name: The Covenant
I can’t give up. I just can’t. I’ll get up. I can’t stop now..
I can’t quit. I must run. I can’t stop now..

For the race is not to the swift, nor battle strong
to strengthen my hands for the house of God.

Instead. I ran away and broke myself.
I didn’t understand You. So I ran away.
Did my own thing and I paid for it. You still redeemed me.

When you called me back to yourself I was ready, but still did not understand.
That redemption isn’t about my feelings, but instead to pay the price for all my wrongs on the Cross.

Unchanging. You have paid my debt. On the Cross.

So I can’t give up.
I’ll run back run to You. I won’t give up.
I trust You. I’ll run back. I’ll run to You.

You’re the reminder to never stop, the reminder to keep moving.

You are exalted in the praises... of my fathers,
they trusted you.
They were delivered and not disappointed.
So run to you. So I trust you.

What I owe to you and to myself
and my family is my eternity.
What I owe to you and to myself and to my family is to never give up…
To never give up…

What I owe to myself and my family.
What I owe, to You and my family.

(Ecclesiastes 9)
(Psalm 22)
(Philippians 2)
(John 19)
(John 20)

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